A dental crown replaces a visible part of tooth in case it has been damaged, fractured, malformed, discolorated, or if it has to be extracted.

It is made on the basis of the imprint so it fits perfectly with the natural dentition and presents a solution that is both functional and aesthetic.

In Belgrade, dental crowns are fabricated in modern laboratories. Fabrication is assisted by a computer technology which allows dental technician to design the crown with impeccable precision. A dental crown can be fabricated in metal, porcelain, or mixed, porcelain-fused to-metal crowns.


Metal crowns are very resistant, the most economical but also the least attractive. Therefore, they are rather used for out of sight molars. Since the metal crowns are often made in nickel/chromium alloy, they are not recommended to patients allergic to nickel.


PFM crowns have the metal structure that is fully covered with porcwlain. That makes them as strong as metal crowns and in the same time a perfectly aesthetic solution. Thus, the PFM crowns can be used to replace both, posterior and anterior teeth.


All porcelain crowns are made entirely in porcelain and have a structure in porcelain or zircon. They look completely natural but they are more fragile because of absence of metal. Therefore, those crowns are indicated for front teeth and for patients allergic to metal.

The crowns are placed on the natural tooth that is reshaped in order to receive the dental crown, or on dental implants.